Does this sound familiar?

  • Our organization has done the same events for years without evaluating the way in which we do things.  

  • We recently added a few special events to our fundraising strategy, but we are unsure how to integrate them efficiently into our organizational structure. 

  • I have some ideas of how our events could be improved at my organization, but I can't do everything myself and I'm concerned that directly voicing too much criticism will damage my day-to-day working relationships.




Whether your organization executes a wide array of events each year or or few, an outside assessment provides a valuable perspective.  Our strategic review process allows you to re-think your organizational structure and your use of resources to better maximize efficiency and quality in your ongoing event planning work.   


We conduct focused interviews of your key stakeholders, from your special events staff to your Board of Directors.  We also conduct research on peer organizations to provide information what sorts of events they're having and how they're structured. 


Following our information gathering, we will construct a detailed report of our findings and recommendations based on our over 20 years of experience in the event planning business and knowledge of industry standards.  We will meet with you to go through the report and assist in devising an action plan to move forward.

Important to Note: Besides the considerable time involved, a key benefit of hiring an outside company to do this assessment work is that we can act as a buffer; individuals tend to be more honest and candid with someone with whom he or she does not need to worry about maintaining a good working relationship. 



Falls Church, VA

Expert Events has worked with Inova Health Foundation for the past two years.  One service we have provided is a full strategic assessment of all of their events across the hospital system.  This included evaluating staff and consultant resources vis-a-vis the ultimate fundraising outcomes and determining how much attendance overlap there was across the multiple events.  At the end of the process, we made recommendations for streamlining, combining resources, and best uses of staff of consultant time.

Inova Health Foundation, Annual Gala 2013

Inova Health Foundation, Annual Gala 2013