Does this sound familiar?

  • We want to start a new kind of event for our organization and we just need to be put on the right track.

  • We have done an event for many years and we are looking to refresh it or revamp it entirely.

  • Our staff can handle most of the event management responsibilities, but we need a little extra help and guidance. 




You are a non-profit so naturally you have a robust development office.  Many non-profits have the staffing to be able to do most of their special events in-house and do not require an outside events company to manage the entire planning process and execution.  However, an events consultation can be a valuable tool to your events planning process.  It will help you lay the foundation for all of the logistical work and ensure all aspects of the event stay on track.


We will arrange a contract where our level of involvement is tailored to your needs.  Consultations can be limited to half a day where Expert Events reviews where you are an makes recommendations.  Consultations can also be more extensive where Expert Events provides recommendations and action plans and will check-in to review at key points in the lead-up to the event.  


Expert Events will work within the agreed upon guidelines to ensure our support work is ultimately contributing to the fulfillment of your event goals.  We are a firm believer in maximizing your use of the resources that you already have at your disposal.  We make sure that our involvement is a true asset to your team and not a redundancy.